Early Out Services

We accelerate and increase compliant revenue recovery of self-pay balances through the creation of a complete view of the patient financial responsibility, account segmentation and technology to support efficient patient communication.

As a healthcare provider, you are deeply integrated within your community, and as such, maintain long-term relationships with your patients. If the popularity of high deductible health plan coverage continues, you may notice a growing cash flow problem as uninsured and underinsured patients seek care. Patients are presenting with high deductible health plans resulting in cash flow difficulties during unexpected illness. Cardon Outreach is the patient-friendly way to resolve outstanding patient obligations.

We improve the patient experience by aggregating and summarizing patient hospital and physician balances; we accelerate and amplify revenue recovery through sophisticated account segmentation and technology to support efficient patient communication.

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Cardon Outreach provides early out services for hospitals and physicians seeking an enhanced approach to managing the patient’s out-of-pocket liability while building upon your patient-provider trust. We vigorously search for eligibility or third party coverage, establish a line of communication with the patient and then work to resolve their remaining balance.

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Case for Early Out Services

  • Build on your established patient relationships
  • Combine hospital and physician balances
  • Operate with a 501(r)-compliant approach
  • Improve account accuracy with Skip Tracing
  • Discover Coverage
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